What is CochraneTV?

CochraneTV is a new way for our local community to share their video content with the people of Cochrane, in a simple, easy to navigate format that will allow for a broader reach!

The reality is, when you create video content, you can share it on YouTube and hope people find it, you can post it on your Social Media channels and maybe someone will share it, or you can post it on your own website (if you have one).

CochraneTV is here to help! A locally owned website that is strategically positioned and able to generate more views and get you more exposure!

How do I submit content?

Rather easily actually! Just follow the instructions on the SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO page. If you don’t have your video hosted online, send us a message and we can help you!

What type of content is allowed?

If you’re local, you can submit! We provide a platform for literally any type of local video content. We do however reserve the right to not allow certain types of videos – reach out if you have questions!

How much does posting videos on CochraneTV cost?

Here’s the beauty – if you don’t profit from the content shared – it’s absolutely FREE!